Business and Development Pars Amir Barakaat Company with the aim of commercial expansion focusing on supporting the national economy and domestic companies and also taking advantage of international companies potentials in order to complete the circulation of trade and production in macro-economy of the country, has begun its mission using a suitable base to export the products and enter the worldwide market.
In the current conditions, the most important tool to fulfill this goal is holding exhibitions, seminars and festivals both in the country and internationally and the quality of which is our most important target and the domain of our activity is assigned by the demand of national macro-economy. Hence, we are proud to declare that we have held a number of international exhibition such as
Sport, Health and Related Equipment,
Plastics, Rubber Machinery, Paint and Resin Equipment,
Aquaculture Fisheries and Related Industries
and also holding the conference of the suppliers and distributors of animal feed and poultry in the beautiful city of Shiraz.

Therefore, we are proud to cooperate with all companies that assist us in this lofty goal in order to accomplish our mission to serve the country.
In this journey, we consider our connection and interaction with our audience, customers paves the way to achieve purposes.